Same Day Crowns

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Dr. Sedwick is excited to announce that we now have a same-day crown system!

Patients can receive their crowns in only one appointment. That is just one of the many benefits!  Patients will no longer have to take uncomfortable silicone impressions, be anesthetized at multiple appointments, or worry about a temporary crown coming off while waiting for a dental lab to fabricate their permanent crown. The uses an intraoral camera to scan the prepared tooth into a computer system. After the tooth is scanned, the crown is then designed on the computer. Once the designing process is complete, the crown is ready to be milled out in the milling machine. The milling machine will make the crown out of a solid zirconia block (the strongest non-metal crown material available). After the crown has been milled, we check to make sure it is a perfect fit. The crown is then ready to be cemented. After checking your bite, if everything is perfect you are ready to go with no second appointment.  We have been very pleased with our crowns, and you will be too!


 The™ In-Office Solution | October 2018 | Inside Dentistry


Same-Day Crowns: Crowns in Just One Visit


When her dentist was able to use digital technology to provide a crown for her in just one appointment, it gave Anna a whole new outlook on how fast and convenient dentistry can be. She’s thrilled to have received the same superb quality care and results in only one visit.


When my dentist told me I needed a crown, I was concerned about the time I’d have to take off from work. I was extremely happy when I was advised that I’d get my crown that same day without missing any additional work.
– Anna, Same-Day Crown Patient


For patients in need of a dental crown, same-day dentistry makes it possible to receive the same high-quality treatment as always — in fewer appointments, and with less hassle and discomfort than ever before.


  • Receive natural-looking, long-lasting crowns manufactured same-day in the dental office
  • Enjoy the clean, rapid process of digital intraoral scanning instead of impressions
  • Skip the temporary crowns that sometimes don’t last, and avoid weeks of waiting for your follow-up appointment — do it all in a day!



DIGITAL SAME-DAY METHOD OF RECEIVING A DENTAL CROWN: The tooth is prepared, and impressions are taken with a digital scanner.

  • Same day: The final crown is manufactured and placed by your dentist.


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Male patient before adding crown
Male patient after adding crown
Male patient frontal teeth prior to crown
Male patient front teeth after lifelike crown added


Dental technology has advanced to the point where a lifelike crown can be manufactured right in the dental office, allowing dentists to restore smiles in one simple appointment.


Damaged dental crown
Replaced damaged dental crown


This patient visited her dentist with a damaged dental crown and was thrilled to discover that a replacement could be provided by her dentist in one convenient appointment.

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